kevintaylorI recently had an opportunity to interview Kevin Taylor about his secret in breaking 726 cement bricks in just 96 seconds. The question I often ask myself when I do not feel safe in what might seem to be a dangerous place is always the same: “What is the easiest and quickest way I can defend myself? It’s all about ‘instant ability’,” Taylor said.

Taylor describes instant ability as the ability to think and act fast. He says that any individual can use instant ability to break just about anything he or she puts his or her mind to.

“A lot of people wrestle with the fear of their feelings. You have got to train mentally,” said Taylor. He said fear is what holds a lot people from discovering their real worth. Instant ability can also be described as the ability to act without fear, to instinctually make up one’s mind.

“Once we understand the physics of what we are capable of doing, one would be amazed at the power that is within humans”, Taylor said. He confirms, “My hand is large but soft as a baby’s butt. You are not training your physical body, it’s your mind that you are training.”

The most beautiful thing about this power of instant ability, overcoming fear and defending oneself in the quickest way possible, is that it is teachable. “I break bricks!” says five-year old Luke, Taylor’s son. Luke is the Youngest Kid Board Breaker. The power of instant ability is that anyone can use it to overcome just about any obstacles in life. “Instant ability helps you to know thyself,” says Taylor.

bildeSpeaking about defending oneself, Taylor says an individual has got to know what he or she is capable of doing to someone else. In respect to instant ability, if someone tries to attack, Taylor says he is already prepared to defend himself. “I have broken 726 bricks in 96 seconds. If I am attacked by someone, how many seconds do you think they are going to last?”

But Taylor thinks violence is never the solution to peace and to one’s destiny. “Violence is not the answer. Because you are never going to know what another human possesses. It is not the appearances that will hurt you; it is their mind that will hurt you,”  Taylor explained.

16-year old Marcus, one of Taylor’s trainees, said, “instant ability helps me to defend myself in the easiest way possible. I recommend it because it gives you confidence, knowing your mind, and having that instinct to demonstrate and act fast. It also helps you to overcome fear.”

How can anyone get this power of instant ability? Taylor says instant ability requires three things: ability, insights, and training. Within one day of training, anyone can break a brick or two. It’s just that simple when fear is not present.

Once we understand the physics of our abilities, we begin to understand the power you and I hold within us. According to Taylor, “it’s all in the mind and you have got to tap into it. It does not matter how big or small you are, it’s about training the mind.”

A world record holder in speed brick breaking, Taylor, has been featured on a variety of shows including the Today Show, the Steve Harvey Show, the Arsenio Hall Show, and America’s Got Talent.

The beauty of instant ability is not just being able to defend one’s self in the easiest and quickest way possible. The value of having instant ability is that it trains one’s mind to think fast and act faster. Taylor praises martial arts stating, “a martial artist is one thing, one person, and one entity. You confirm your own style of martial art.”

Taylor is a martial artist and founder of the W.S.B.B.A, the World Speed Brick Breaking Association.



Born in the small African country, Burundi, Wilson Kubwayo is now an inspirational speaker and talks to diverse audiences about his theme, “Climbing the Walls of Greatness: How to live life to your fullest potential.”