You are reading this right now and you are about to give up on your life.

You are reading this right now and you are facing obstacles in your life.

You are reading this right now and you do not want to go to work.

You are reading this right now and life is tough for you.

You have given into temptations and you are not where you want to be.

You are reading this right now and you cannot pass that exam.

You feel hopeless, defeated and small. Sometimes you say to yourself life is not fair.

Let me tell you something that you already know. Life might not be fair, but it is so unfair for you to give up at this point in time. You should have given up a long time ago. So I want you to hold on because your dream and aspirations are determined by the effort you put in to achieve them.

I have had people tell me that they are sorry for me. I have had people who said I will never make it because I grew up in the refugee camp. They expect me to fail over and over and question why I am even trying. During those years in the refugee camp, I asked myself questions such as why did I end up in a refugee camp? What did I do to cause this? How come I do not get to have what other children have like toys, and Legos to play with?

It was difficult for me to accept my own reality especially being a church-going kid. At church I was taught that I was beautiful, that God had unconditional love for me, and that his love is magnanimous. They even went further to say that God knows me more than I know myself and knows best what I need. I am telling you, hearing those words was like a punch in the face.

How can you tell me that God has unconditional love for me when I cannot sleep at night because of hunger? How can you tell me that God has unconditional love for me when I am always looking for it? I would ask myself where is God, where is love? I told myself if this is all the love that God has for me I’d rather not keep it.

It was difficult and it is still difficult for me sometimes. But I have come to understand that God did not cause the circumstances that I was living into. I have come to understand that you are loved despite of your imperfections. You are special just the way you are and there is no need to feel sorry for yourself. God is there all the time it is you and I who are not there sometimes. Having the awareness that God did not cause the circumstances that I was living into I was determined to find out what caused me to have such a bad start.

What I found out was indeed awakening call. I found out that I ended up where I was because someone did not love another person as he or she loved herself. As result, hate, envy, and jealousy kicked in and the whole thing became a chaos and turned into a war. That person could have been my own parents, my grandparents, my friends, or neighbors. It did not matter to me, who that person was, what mattered was to decide whether I was going to follow their legacy or to create my own.

If you stay calm and sleep through your hardships and disappointment, you will develop a habit out of them. I decided to rise and make a better decision than those who were here before me. What decisions are you making that will make the world a better place because you were here?

People do not go to refugee camps because they want to go camping. People ran away from their homes to seek refuge in refugee camps. Growing up in the camp, there was struggles everywhere around me I still have struggles even today. In fact, I am number one to tell you that I think I am unintelligent and crazy. I am the person to tell you that I have made almost every mistake a modern young man could ever make today.

However, I share my story because I want people to learn from my mistakes. On my side, I might not be the person you might want to look up to. People want a leader who is Mr. Nice, and clean. But with all the difficulties I have dealt with and poor decisions I have made, my life has never been straight but I am committed to make some changes.

People have given up on me and some of which said to me that I am stupid and unreliable. That is why I do what I do. I recognize that sharing my imperfections can inspire someone to not go through what I went through. If I am not able to make miracles happen to me I can make miracles happen to somebody else just by sharing who I am with the world.

You are a history; the only reason people do not learn or hear about you is because you choose not to share your story. As you live your life remember that you are living a history, so why not live life to its fullest and share the best of you with the rest of the world?

Like I mentioned before, I have to admit that I have made so many poor decisions in my life. So every time I go out and work on my craft I am able to hang on because of the resiliency in me. I have decided to not give up on this gift of life. To be a failure is not the worst thing; the worst thing is to remain a failure.

When you moan about how terrible your life is, when you complain about the insufficient of your check, things do not become better they become worse. I could sit down in my shell of poverty and yell out all I want about how unfair life is. I could point a finger on my parents or blame my past and use it as an excuse as to why I am not successful. I have done that but I never got my pass. So I grew weary and tired because nothing was changing.

So I chose to try another route, I chose to believe than to not believe. I chose light over darkness, I chose confidence over despair and my life has changed ever since. I have become resilient to making my life the best thing that can ever happen to me. I am tenacious to improve my life, physically, spiritually, intellectual and even pastorally. I am insane about making the rest of my life the best of my life.

When insanity meets resiliency you develop your ingenuity. Are you insane about making your life an inspiration? What distinguishes me from some of my friends is that I do not give up easily on my goals. I could have given up when I lived in a camp where there was no electricity, no running water and nowhere else to go.

Do not give up so easily because you still have life. Where there is a will, there is a way. I encourage and challenge you to be resilient and tenacious enough to make it happen. Remember, when insanity meets resiliency you become unstoppable!

Born in the small African country, Burundi, Wilson Kubwayo is now an inspirational speaker and talks to diverse audiences about his theme, “Climbing the Walls of Greatness: How to live life to your fullest potential.”