Running-Exercise-SunriseYour body needs nourishment, so does your plan. As you work towards your aspirations, you need inspiration to lock you in the focus mode. Towards the end of the year, task or semester we are usually dog-tired. This is when empowerment collides with “why” you do what you do.

Based on the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the first three tenets of humans need are as follow:

  1. Physiological: Food, shelter, and clothing.
  2. Safety: security, physical safety.
  3. Belonging/Love: Friendships, group memberships, and relationships or social connections.


My outlook on personal growth
The following tenets of personal growth: nurture, inspire and empower match the first three principles of the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, namely; physiological, Safety, and Love.

In order for one to unleash the giant within, one must do the following.


1) Nurture

You must nurture the body, mind and spirit to experience real growth. According to the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the first thing humans need to survive is food, shelter and clothing.

The motto to personal growth is, “Feeding the physical. Nurturing the mental.”

According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, the verb nurture means “to care for:” feed, nourish, educate, train and foster.

Feeding the physical— as you can see, the verb nurture represent both the physical and the mental. What are you feeding your body? You and I both know feeding ourselves Twinkies might not bring us the health we want.

Too much cake is the wrong fuel for your gas tank! Eating healthy, and exercising as much as possible to keep yourself in shape is the right fuel for your gas tank.

Nurturing the mental— what books are you reading, what movies are you watching? What are you allowing to influence the mental?

Beware that feeding your brain wrong information is the wrong fuel for your gas tank, and will attract the Mind Virus: a negative way of thinking based on one’s circumstances from what has occurred in his or her life.

Despite the fact that you might be surrounded with so much negativity, maybe you had a challenging past, or you are going through tough times. Do not let any kind of negativity rock your world, you will regret it.

When we allow negativity or sweat the small stuff, our mentality gets contaminated with the mind virus. We set our own trap and as result we go through a vicious cycle where life is less meaningful.

Do not forget to feed your spirit— sometimes we find ourselves so successful in whatever we are doing and before you know it, we forget to be thankful, and to keep the Divine in our circle. As results, we make unexamined decisions which lead to hellish experiences.

It is difficult to resist the temptation when your soul is not being fed. Do not question why you keep making poor decisions, question what you are not doing to truly— LOVE (Live One Value Endlessly).

I have experienced immense of pain, and loss, because of not knowing how to— Live One Value Endlessly (LOVE). As result, I felt backwards, defeated, and small. It is hard to resist temptations, but it is even harder when your spirit is forgotten.


2) Inspire

According to the Maslow Hierarchy of needs, the second tenet to humans need is Safety, in other words security. In personal growth, inspiration is used as guide to your safety. The word “inspiration” means to be “in-spirit.”

When I was a sophomore in college, I did not like my grades and I wanted to improve them. So I went around the school library asking successful students about their secret.

Lo and behold, my smarty colleagues told me how to be on Deans’ list— study four hours or more every single day! Some of them admitted that they have been academic peek-performers since kindergarten.

In comparison to myself, my dad had to put a whooping on my back side in order for me to go school. This habit began when I finally passed first grade and was number sixty two out of sixty five! Despite the fact that I am not into academics, I wanted to experience what it really feels like to be on Deans’ list.

IG0Y8b5YI became a willing participant in all my classes. A willing participant is the student/person who not only goes to class/meeting just to show up, but one who is truly committed and is there both physically and mentally to accomplish his or her goals.

I wanted to experience being on Deans’ list so bad that my why allowed me to get the how and boom! I ended up on Deans’ list and I wish I would have maintained that hunger for the rest of my life.

Inspiration is safety. When you are inspired, your “why” is always stronger than how difficult your goal might be to accomplish. You go for it and how you do it usually takes care of itself.

In life, we tend to focus on the “how” to do something, but really everything resides in the “why.” My smarty colleagues gave me the how to, but the question remained, “how do I get started? The answer is simple— your why determines your how.

Knowing how to do or be something does not allow you to do it or be it. The truth is every student wants to be on Deans’ list, but it requires one to be committed. Some of us do not bother, because we do not want to be on Deans’ list as bad.

Every person wants to experience growth in his or her life. I have never found a person who wakes up in the morning and shout, “I cannot wait to be miserable today!” Growth is something that is imbedded in our inner, the same way humans are inclined to happiness.

Inspiration keeps you locked in your focus mode. The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines the verb “inspire,” as “to influence, move, or guide by Devine, or supernatural inspiration.”

When one is truly inspired, it is difficult to lose the grip because you are guided by the Devine. That is why when others inspire us, whether it be through their stories, or by their actions in their lives, the message is not received just by the mental, but most importantly by the heart.


3) Empower

According to the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the third tenet of humans need is “belonging or love.” To feel a sense of belonging or love is an action that has to come from others.

It is natural to feel dog-tired depending on what we are doing. When dealing with difficulties, we depend on friends, group members, relationships, or social networks for support. Similarly, when it comes to personal growth, one must use the resources which lies before him— tap in into the circle of your relationships!

Empower-Employees-smallEverything we want and everything we will ever want exist in others. Look closer, the right opportunity you really need exists somewhere inside someone else. Your duty is to go for “opportunity-hunt.” Seek right network, and establish relationships.

People speak of opportunities as if they come from the sky. But in reality, opportunities are people. This is why we seek love from other beings not from material things. Material things do not make us have a sense of belonging, but people do.

Literary, to empower someone is to love that person, to give him or her the authority as an opportunity to take part of ownership. When you are doing great in your life, but you are not empowering others to greatness, you are letting someone else fall off the cliff.

Someone is looking for the opportunities which resides in you. Will you leave this world with someone’s puzzle unfished, because you chose to hold on to that essential piece? I dare you to empower someone else for greatness— it gives meaning to your life.

Walk as if no one has ever seen your past and run as if everyone is trying to grab your future. When we nurture, inspire and empower the giant within, we experience growth.



Born in the small African country, Burundi, Wilson Kubwayo is now an inspirational speaker and talks to diverse audiences about his theme, “Climbing the Walls of Greatness: How to live life to your fullest potential.”