What are you thankful for? Often times, we are more aware of negative things in our lives than we see positives.

thankfulWhy is it that one negative experience in our lives has the capability to turn our lives upside down? Does that mean the rest of our life has no capacity of being meaningful?

We get these kinds of feelings whenever we lose something we hold dear in our lives or even when it means it is something very important to us.

Of course it is always difficult to let go of something you wished to have forever, but we do not have to hide from the truth anymore. We must come to the light and see with our eyes that it’s completely gone. However, that does not mean we are done as well.

Sometimes it makes as much sense to be thankful over the few. To be appreciative of what you have and being aware that what you have is good enough. You do not have to have enough money to start your journey. You do not have to have all the resources needed to take that first step. Most importantly, everything does not have to go perfect in order for you to keep on climbing the walls of greatness.

A few weeks ago, I attempted to do a recovery on my Samsung laptop hoping to clean it. Unfortunately, I forgot to do a backup as I completed the recovery. I lost all of my new files since my last backup which was about a year and half ago.

With all the aggravation and frustration it was difficult for me to understand what was taking place.

I tried to do the best I could to retrieve my files but I was not successful. Unfortunately, there was no way to get my files back because I had stopped the computer when it was performing a backup and restarted my computer which communicates to the system that I did not need those files.

It was at night and I did not have an internet connection. So I drove to the nearest fast food restaurant for free wi-fi to call a technician in order to have control over my computer and help me. Unfortunately, they told me that there was no way to get my files back and that there was nothing they could do.

I have to admit, my mind got twisted about the whole situation. I began questioning why this had to happen to me. But why after a why sometimes leads to a disconnection of one’s dreams. I knew I had to stop, I knew I still had to drive back home.

I stumbled to my car and had enough energy to start the car. As I drove back to my little studio apartment, I noticed a car behind me, it was the police.

Simultaneously, I heard the sirens behind me and switched lanes while glancing at my speed. “What is wrong with me?” I yelled out loud with a feeling of lassitude.

So I slowly pulled over thinking, “what did I do now?” I could see the policeman in my sideview mirror carefully approaching my car with his pistol and pointing a flashlight on me.

I rolled down my window and he said to me “your headlights are not on.” I looked and he was right. He asked for my license and I told him that I accidentally left it at home, because I was in a hurry trying to find a wi-fi to call a technician and help me retrieve my lost files.

“Sir, I do not have my license with me. I am just a block away from home”, I explained.

Staring at my weary and angry face, he said, “Just do your thing.” I thought to myself, “there are still nice and understanding police officers?” This officer really helped me to reduce the anger that was rising high like a rocket inside me.

I thanked him and drove home. Still confused I entered my room and collapsed on my bed.

This mistake resulted in me losing a lot of computer files including business plans for my projects and the manuscript for my unpublished book!

I could not believe I just lost my whole book. A book with which I was about to begin the editing process. A book which I had all my marketing planned out and ready to go. A book that I have been writing for more than a year.

With one simple action, I lost precious hours of work. If you are not careful of your actions, you will lose in seconds what took you years to build.

Despite the fact that I have lost files worth a year and half of my life, I am thankful of what I still have. You might not have what you want and you might lose what you love. However, I am aware that I have not lost the mind that helped me to write this book. Therefore, I could write it again and make it even better.

The movie character, Rocky Balboa, puts it best, “It ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can get hit and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done!”

I’d rather lose all that I have done than to lose God and the mind that assisted me to get things done. I do not count what I have lost, instead I calculate the time I still have to make it up.

Because unexpected circumstance, I learned so much from but if I can communicate one thing with you it would be this: An unexamined action is not worth taking.

“I once was angry at God because I did not have shoes, but then I met a person with no feet.” 
–Chinese Proverb

Born in the small African country, Burundi, Wilson Kubwayo is now an inspirational speaker and talks to diverse audiences about his theme, “Climbing the Walls of Greatness: How to live life to your fullest potential.”