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The Speeches

Climbing the Walls of Greatness
• Learn the definition of a “mind virus” and how to remove this poisonous way of thinking by replacing it with character
• Implement three simple steps that can be utilized anytime, anywhere, to build character and leadership skills
• Learn three things you do almost every day that could be game changers in your life or organization if utilized the right way
• Become self-motivated to achieve goals and produce bigger results


Unleash Your MUFASA Within
• Overcome adversity
• Discover who you are and unlock your true potential
• Learn the three kinds of friendships and take control of your emotional destiny
• Avoid negative influences and make the rest of your life the best of your life


How Wilson Made it to America
• Develop a better understanding of how refugees come to America and who arrives
• Overcome obstacles by using learned lessons from Wilson’s experience of coming to America
• Learn how Wilson battled many difficulties as a child and faced many challenges yet through hope, caring and love, Wilson rose up and made himself who he is today


Types of Speaking Clients


Character is what sales and buys.

Wilson is going to work with you to create an event, seminar or workshop that is focused on character building.

Are you or your organization looking for nurturing content, inspiration and empowerment in your workplace?
Become what Wilson calls “virus-free” by getting in contact with us so we can work with you in bringing inspiration that lasts.

Find out more: Wilson works with organizations that want to live life to their fullest potential.




Wilson is a recent college graduate with a Bachelors of Arts degree in Philosophy. As an Inspirational speaker, a substitute teacher, and MBA first year student,  Wilson’s message to students about perseverance, persistence, and resilience will ignite the fire in your students and encourage them to make the rest of their lives the best of their lives.


High Schools
If you have read Wilson’s biography, you know that his life change began as high School freshman where Wilson was sitting in the freshman sessions at an Honor Festival event. At this event, 50 or more students were recognized, awards and scholarships were given, but Wilson did not know any of the students recognized nor had he ever seen them before.

Just like other students, Wilson desired to be recognized in front of more than 2,000 of his peers. His past experiences and current struggles could not let him see those possibilities. Wilson shares three easy steps that helped him break out of his shell which allowed him to not only graduate high school with one award but two including Leadership Of The Year awards.

“When life hits you hard, your mind begins to soar. You begin to realize how unfair and difficult life might be. These steps not only helped me to get past my fears, they helped me to reinvent myself into the person I am today.”


Middle Schools

11994057_1118156641546205_679965258_oMiddle school students not only can relate to Wilson’s story, they are able to see themselves in it.

In his main Theme, “Climbing Walls of Greatness: Living life to the full,” Wilson work with your students to:

  1. Overcome adversity
  2. Become self-motivated to achieve their goals
  3. Avoid negative influences and aim high in their lives.