24538-hd-women-shoppingAre you a buyer? Maybe you cannot stop yourself from being a buyer because that is who you are. Here are three steps to help you remain a buyer and still make the most of it.

We cannot all be sellers or else we would have no one to buy our crafts. There is a buyer and the seller in every exchange that takes place. Similarly, there is a teacher and a student, a producer and a consumer. Today, more people thrive to be producers or sellers because that is the only way out. That is a bold myth! You do not have to be a seller to succeed in life. In this article I am going to share with you ways to remain who you are as a buyer and still make the most of it.

As humans we are naturally born as consumers. The problem in our 21st century is that people have forgotten that you can remain who you are as a buyer and still become successful. Everyone wants to be on the side of being a producer. However, we forget that some of us are not gifted in the field of entrepreneurship. While the myth of becoming a producer in order to succeed in life keeps rising, more people are finding themselves stressed, depressed, and tired because that is not who they are meant to be. As result, their effort go unwanted and unnoticed to the point where it looks as if they are planting seeds on cement and expect to harvest the next season.

What is the main reason people prefer to be seen as producers than consumers? People say that producers make money while consumers spend money. In addition, they add saying that most consumers are broke. As accurate as this might sound, this is not always the case. There are thousands of producers who are broke. Despite the fact that we are all consumers very few are able to be financially independent. People who are financially independent have what I call ingenuity advantage: to be clever and creative in how you use your time and money. If you are a buyer it is very important to understand the quality of being a buyer. A buyer is a learner and in most cases a receiver.

The word buyer is not only used in terms of money. It is also used in learning and absorbing or receiving information. A buyer gets to choose what information he or she wants to consume or what products he or she wants to buy. I am a buyer, I am a learner, I am a consumer and I love it! How does one remain a buyer and still be successful? The secret to being successful as a buyer is to outperform the seller. Here are three steps to help you remain a buyer and still make the most of it.


Buy Stuff That You Are Going to Use
I am sure this sounds familiar to you. We all have bought things in our past that we do not really use anymore. Instead of holding on to them you can get rid of them! You can do this in multiple of ways. Give them out to charities or contribute them to a seller who is willing to buy them at lower price and do his or her job. The main thing to do here is to clean your closet. As a buyer, you might want to buy something else but make sure you buy things that are more of a redeemable value.


Do Not Let a Producer Come to You, Go to Them
We all know that a good seller will sell you his belt and convince you that it is the perfect one for your waist. As a buyer, you want to control what you buy. You are in charge of your assets. You choose where your money is going. However, that does not mean you stop buying things or consuming information. All it means is that you start controlling what you buy, in other words, you start controlling what becomes part of your life. As a buyer, you pay money for the service that is given to you. A teacher or a seller is paid to give out his or her service. We have so many teachers out there some of them are willing to teach for free. Have you seen that lately? So make sure you allow yourself to obtain useful information that will help you succeed. When you go to a producer and buy stuff from them, it signifies that you have the most power. To buy or not to buy the product or service that is being offered to you is a choice. You are in charge of the exchange, so make sure you take advantage of it.


You Are a Buyer, Every Producer Invests in You
The reason why most consumers are not successful is because they all make the same mistake. They buy everything that comes on their way. They allow people to give them information that is not helpful in their lives. They allow sellers to sell them stuff that they do not want to buy. Just because I am a buyer does not imply that I buy everything in Walmart. As a buyer, I feed the world; banks, teachers and all kinds of sellers invest in me. So to be successful as a buyer is to recognize what you are worth and consume things that are going to help you do more and receive more.

The key to being successful as a buyer is to outperform the seller. Follow these three steps as much as possible and you will see how they will advance your life as a buyer. You will be able to skip the step of trying to fit into producer category that you do not like anyways. You will be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle because doing what you love to do will give you the edge to find the success you deserve.



Born in the small African country, Burundi, Wilson Kubwayo is now an inspirational speaker and talks to diverse audiences about his theme, “Climbing the Walls of Greatness: How to live life to your fullest potential.”